Extreme shows


Our skatepark shows

Whatever the skatepark you choose (cf: Skatepark Rental), we offer professional rider demonstrations in the various skatepark disciplines. (Skate, Bmx, Freestyle Scooter and Roller)


Our Big Air Show

Maxextrême offers you, for your events, the BIG AIR show (Giant jump). The best riders will be present to show you the most spectacular figures  Space required: 30m./5m.

 Our Halfpipe Shows

Maxextrême offers, for your events, its halfpipe show. Probably one of the most spectacular disciplines in the world of extreme sports. We gather for you the best european riders in each discipline that applies to this infrastructure. (Skate, Bmx, Roller and Scoot). Space required: 15m./9m.

Our Trial Bike Shows

Maxextrême biedt shows, een combinatie van entertainment en interactiviteit met het publiek, gegeven door internationale trialists kampioenen. Benodigde ruimte: 50m2

Our Mini ramps Shows

We also offer you our mini ramp shows. Since mini ramp is a discipline extremely widespread and has this advantage of being able to be practiced as much by the beginners as by the champions, it seemed essential to propose to you ourmobile mini ramp. On this new infrastructure, in addition to our shows, we also offer introductions and / or free sessions for the public. (See Skatepark rental). Space required: 6m / 10m








5 riders (Skate)

An exeptional show bringing together the best current skaters. 
The infrastructure (Skate) set up allows skateboarders to perform the most technical tricks and the most impressive. 

For summary: Exceptional riders + The infrustructures worthy of the biggest skateparks = The MXT Skate show 

Space required (30m / 15m).   
1 to 4 x 15 minutes of show / day. 

Outside of the shows, the skatepark can be put at disposition of the public or to serve for the supervision with provision of equipment.


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