Rental of Skatepark and Mini ramp

Maxextrême offers, for your events, the rental of its skateparks.

Ranging from initiation Skatepark to Park PRO generally intended for contest organization. We also offer demonstrations of Skate,
Bmx, Scooter and Roller, regardless of the skatepark chosen. 

We also offer our minirampe rentals. Ideal for initiations, free sessions and demonstrations in a small space.

All the equipment necessary to practice roller skateboarding and BMX is available on site and can be loaned to those who wish. 
Up to 15 skateboards, 15 Scooters, 15 rollerblades, 8 BMX and 30 protection kits.




Skatepark 1


Ideal if you have a limited surface. Space Required: 150m2 This skatepark includes the elements of the Skate, the Bmx and the freestyle scooter (4 Quaterpipe, 9 mini jumps, 1 table, 1 spine, 1 flat bar and 1 manual pad)


Skatepark 2


Skatepark made up of the same style of module as the skatepark 1 (mainly in modules of the brand Freshpark). More modules for a larger space. This one allows you to welcome more people at the same time in the skatepark. Space required: 250m2. Also ideal for practicing different disciplines. (6 Quaterpipe, 9 jump, 2 table, 1 spine, 2 flat bar and 2 Manual Pad)



Skatepark 3


The Skatepark 3 makes it possible to fill a larger surface thanks to the central box. It also allows to propose 2 distinct parts (Beginners 120 M ², initiates 180 M ²). Space required: 300m2. Also ideal for the practice of different disciplines. (1 central module, 8 Quaterpipe, 9 Trix beginner ramps, 2 tables, 1 spine, 2 flat bars, 2 rails, 1 bench and 1 Manual Pad).


Skatepark 4 PRO


This skatepark PRO consists of larger modules. This one can be as well intended for the organization of competition as for the organization of free sessions or even in phase of test in certain projects of fixed skateparks. Space required: 500m2

Supervision of the Skatepark


Whatever the skatepark you choose, we offer you a framework with equipment for skateboarding, Bmx, rollerblading and freestyle scooter.
Up to 50 skateboards, 20 freestyle scooters, 8 Bmx, 10 rollerblades and 60 protection kits.

Suggestion for skatepark 1: 6 skateboard, 6 scooters, 1 Bmx, 13 protection kits (Pack 1)

Suggestion for skatepark 2: 8 skateboard, 8 scooters, 2 Bmx, 18 protection kits (Pack 2)

Suggestion for skatepark 3: 15 skateboard, 15 scooters, 5 Bmx, 30 protection kits (Pack 3)

The packs can be adjusted to suit the type of event and possible preferences for certain disciplines.


Mini Ramp 


We also now offer you the rental of our mini ramp. Ideal for initiations, demonstrations and free session on the same space. 
Required space: 50m2

This activity requires a flat surface of 9m / 5m.

In case of framing, we suggest Pack 1 at the material level.

Nos conditions de location

1 The contract

1-a The quotations constituted by Maxextreme are valid for 1 month. Beyond this period, they become obsolete. The estimate acts as a contract if it is returned within this period and if it is accompanied by a completed signed and dated purchase order, including the quotation references and the references of each module.

1-b The customer must make sure that Max Extreme has the required areas for the installation of the different infrastructures chosen.

In no event will Maxextrême be held liable if it is unable to dispose of its infrastructures due to a lack of predefined surface area.

1-c The rental prices of the various modules include supply, transport and installation. They do not include in any case the various insurance that must be contracted by the customer. Our riders are assured by us.

2 The application of the contract

2-a For each order, the customer must send a signed and dated purchase order to Maxextrême.

3. Terms of payment

3-aPar terms of payment we mean the actual delivery of trade or the bank transfer subject to being credited to our account3-b The orders placed irrevocably commit the buyer. For each order of more than 1000 euros, a deposit corresponding to 50% of the total sum of the estimate is to be paid 30 days before the service. Any amount paid at the time of the order is a deposit.

3-b The balance remaining due or the total balance of the service (in the case of an order of less than 1000 euros which does not require a down payment) must be paid within 3 weeks at the latest The last day of performance.

4. Lease or performance reserve clause

 4-a Any breach of the above mentioned points may give rise to the cancellation of the rental or the service (unpaid balance and balance, unused purchase order, ...)

4-b The client agrees to delimit the spaces required for the various activities proposed by Maxextreme using fixed structures (eg Nadar barriers).

5. Limited Liability

5-a Anyone outside the Maxextrême team uses the modules at his own risk.

Maxextrême can not be prosecuted for any accident that occurred during the use of one of its modules by a person who is not a member of the Maxextrême team.

5-b In the event of weather conditions that do not permit the practice of the various extreme sports safely on our infrastructures, we reserve the right to suspend the activities and to move and / or cancel certain shows. Suspending, moving or canceling certain activities for these reasons will therefore not affect the amounts owed.

6. Cancellation

6-a In the event of a request for cancellation of an order, not based on a default on our part, the deposits will be kept as a deposit.

6-b After signing the contract, the cancellation is only possible at least 30 days before the service.

In case of cancellation between 20 and 30 days before the event. The purchaser will be liable for 30% of the agreed sum for the full service.

In case of cancellation between 10 and 20 days before the event. The buyer will be liable for 50% of the agreed sum for the full service.

In case of cancellation between 1 and 10 days before the event. The buyer will be liable for 80% of the agreed sum for the full service.


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